Golden Bridge makes its name on international stage

The Cau Vang (Golden Bridge) in the central city of Da Nang has been gaining international attention for its stunning design and aesthetics.

British daily The Guardian recently hailed the bridge among ‘the world’s most striking pedestrian bridges’.

The bridge was named along with other ‘unusual footbridges’ from all over the world stretching from Iowa to India. They are described as ‘structures that are noteworthy as architectural statements in themselves rather than accessories for an already popular location’.

On Wednesday last week, the US-based most visited architecture website lauded the structure as a ‘daring’ bridge while the French design website described the Golden Bridge as ‘an absolutely impressive bridge in Việt Nam’ which offers visitors ‘an incredible experience: crossing a footbridge that seems literally supported by two giant stone hands’.

The ‘shimmering’ structure has aged green hands which look like ‘they ‘ve been there for centuries’, another architecture magazine,, wrote.

Cau Vang was launched in June this year and has quickly become a major tourist draw.

The walkway is 12.8m wide, 150m long and comprises of 8 spans. Each span of the bridge is lined with the purple chrysanthemums. The massive stone hands support the bridge.

The massive bridge hosted the fashion show Dao Buoc Tren May (A Walk to the Sky) by director Long Kan on July 14. — Photos courtesy of Sungroup

Located at a height of more than 1,400m above sea level, the bridge serves as a transit between aa replica of a French village and Le Jardin D’Amour flower garden in the Ba Na Hills resort.

From the bridge, visitors have a paroramic view of Nui Chua, regarded as the most beautiful mountain in Da Nang.

The massive bridge in the spectacular mountainscape was selected as the stage for the fashion show Dao Buoc Tren May (A Walk to the Sky) by director Long Kan on July 14.

The bridge was designed by TA Landscape Architecture and is reportedly part of a US$2 billion development project to bring tourists to Viet Nam. — VNS

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